Weeefiner is part of the iMERMAID EU Horizon project, dedicated to safeguarding the Mediterranean Sea basin from harmful contaminants. In the project, Weeefiner focuses on removing dissolved heavy metals from industrial water streams to prevent metal accumulation in the Mediterranean.

Annually, over 2 million kilograms of hazardous heavy metals such as lead, zinc, mercury, and nickel are discharged into the waters within the EU. Due to their hazardous nature, accumulated heavy metals can pose a threat to the environment and water ecosystems.

“It is important to prevent the release of heavy metals into the environment, as their detection and elimination will be challenging if not impossible once they enter the water bodies. Weeefiner’s mission within the iMERMAID project is to utilize our groundbreaking 4D Scavenger® technology to extract dissolved heavy metal residues from water streams before they are released to the environment”, says Mikko Hänninen, the CEO of Weeefiner.

The 4D Scavenger® technology is based on chemically active filters that can extract and remove dissolved metals selectively from water, even at low concentrations, making it an ideal solution for enhancing wastewater purification. In the iMERMAID project, the technology is customized to specifically target hazardous heavy metals.

”We are now optimizing the 4D Scavenger® for heavy metal removal. This thorough technology development will prepare us well for the next phase of the project. During demonstration we will integrate our 4D Scavenger® equipment into the wastewater treatment plant’s process for metal removal”, says Saara Tuhkanen, Weeefiner’s Development Manager. “We are excited to be a part on this important project in safeguarding our waters.”

About Weeefiner:

Weeefiner is a Finnish technology provider specializing in innovative water treatment and metal recovery solutions. Weeefiner’s vision is to transform previously untapped wastewaters into a source of raw materials for a sustainable and circular future. The company currently has customers for example in the mining, metallurgy, and process industries.