iMERMAID at a glance

What’s iMERMAID about?

iMERMAID is an EU-funded project focused on protecting the Mediterranean Sea and its surroundings, which play a crucial role in various socioeconomic activities. It aims to address the growing threats of chemical contamination and pollution caused by human activities. iMERMAID aims at integrating innovative strategies for prevention, monitoring, and remediation.

By building together a consortium of 26 partners from Europe and beyond, the project will encourage collaborations to develop advanced sensor and remediation technologies, strengthen regulations to reduce contamination, enhance economic opportunities, and thereby improve the quality of life for EU residents.

What’s iMERMAID about?


  • Creating innovative, and replicable solutions against chemical pollution in the Mediterranean

  • Sea Training young minds through a dynamic capacity building programme nurturing the next generation of water conservation champions.

  • Distributing a total of 800K EUR to third parties across associated regions for technology testing and targeted actions for water conservation.

  • Implementing 5 use cases in the Mediterranean Sea basin, ensuring ongoing solutions to tackle chemical pollution right from its origin to its end point.

  • Developing policy recommendations for pollution prevention and reduction.

  • Establishing a one-stop shop marketplace connecting clients with available blue solutions and services.

  • Launching the iMERMAID Cluster as an integral component of the Mediterranean Sea basin lighthouse support facility.

  • Public understanding of related potential environmental risks associated with chemicals

To achieve these objectives, iMERMAID will implement innovations in 7 different areas:

  • Digital Twins (DT) for water upstream industrial environments
  • Microfluidic remediation of water
  • HiNaPEF Pulsed Discharge Plasma
  • 4D Scavenger for removal and recovery of heavy metals
  • A system for assessing and cleaning used reverse osmosis (RO) modules without causing damage.
  • Blockchain Traceability Compliance Labelling (TCL)

The project’s outcomes

Prevent, monitor, and remediate chemical pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

Prevent, monitor, and remediate chemical pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

Support the EU’s mission to restore, protect, and preserve the health of our oceans, seas, and waters

Realise the goals of the EU Chemicals Strategy for Zero Chemical Pollution.