Use Case 3

Demonstrating innovative solutions for the removal of heavy metals

  • Location

Turin, Italy

Location: Turin, Italy
  • Leading partner

Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A. (SMAT)
  • Background

Human activities and industrial processes often release effluents containing heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. Many of the heavy metals are hazardous even in low concentrations and the accumulation of these pollutants poses a significant threat to the environment and water ecosystems. Once the metals have entered the environment, detecting, and eliminating the pollutants from water proves challenging. Thus, preventing any release into the environment is crucial, and recognizing this, the EU has established discharge limits for many of the heavy metals.

  • Key facts

The iMermaid project focuses on water quality monitoring and heavy metal removal from wastewater. Water quality monitoring is essential to assess changes and improvements within the EU. The metals to be included in monitoring are Cd, Pb, Hg, Ni and their mixtures. To remove heavy metals, an innovative 4D Scavenger® technology will be integrated into wastewater treatment plants. 4D Scavenger® can selectively extract heavy metals from water and reduce pollution.

  • Expected impacts

  • Removal of at least 95% of heavy metals from wastewater.
  • Implementation of a real-time pollutant sensor framework for monitoring heavy metals up to their Predicted No Effect Concentration (PNEC).
  • Efficient treatment of pollutants ensuring a proactive approach to environmental protection.