Use Case 1

Demonstrating innovative solutions for the removal of contaminants from agricultural wastewater

  • Location

San Esteban de Litera, Spain

San Esteban de Litera, Spain
  • Leading partner

  • Background

Agricultural chemicals, like pesticides, enter water bodies through runoff, causing significant pollution. In the EU, France, Spain, and Italy are major consumers. The Water Framework Directive sets pesticide quality standards in surface water; however, many areas exceed these limits.

  • Key facts

A demonstration in San Esteban de Litera, Spain, introduces a wastewater treatment plant designed for 1,042 people, aiming to mitigate agricultural pollution by using a Pulsed Discharge Plasma system to eliminate pollutants without additional chemicals, reduce energy consumption, and treat contaminants at the source, thus reducing pollution upstream.

  • Expected impacts

  • Demonstrate up to 95% efficiency in degrading agricultural pollutants with the PDP system.
  • Assess real-time pollutant sensor framework performance for wastewater monitoring.
  • Achieve over 50% reduction in transferring pollutants from agriculture to water bodies.