Open Calls

General information about the call

iMERMAID will launch two Open Calls to distribute financial support to 8 third parties that can apply and benefit from iMERMAID’s developed technology in new regions and domains.

  • Open Call 1 will fund 4 projects aimed to further demonstrate project outcomes in the associated regions of the Mediterranean not available in the consortium.
    Timeline: Open Call 1: 2024

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  • Open Call 2 will fund 4 additional projects aimed to enlarge the pool of available regions and industry with emphasis on new sea basins and countries.
    Timeline Open Call 2: 2025

  • Total amount to be funded: 800.000 EUR

  • Actions to be funded:

    • Activities to remove contaminants
    • Pollutants monitoring actions
    • Remediation actions for specific pollutants
    • Definition of regional pollutants and required actions for remediation
    • Dissemination and Communication of the activities and results.
  • Open Call Manager: F6S

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