VTT is one of the partner invoved in the iMERMAID project. The strength of the project is that it considers water contaminants from many different perspectives and creates new knowledge and solutions for a more sustainable world. The potential to widen the impact by the open calls to third parties enhances the impact extending it to new associated regions not involved in the consortium partners.

The research group of the VTT team is composed as follows:

Mona Arnold – a generalist in sustainable technologies, knowing well the water sector as well as circular economy models and implementation. In iMERMAID she’s leading the work package on Roadmaps for uptake and scalability of the innovative solutions and responsible for assessment of upstream solutions for chemicals of emerging concern.

Arto Wallin knows everything about foresight techniques and uses system dynamic modelling to evaluate the impact of different factors on a chosen theme. In iMermaid, Arto’s role is to build scenarios that describe alternative futures in 2030 in the context of waste water treatment technologies. In addition, Arto is responsible for building system dynamic model that is used to evaluate the scalability of iMermaid solutions.

Katri Behm is a super-specialist in sustainability assessment. She will conduct the life cycle assessment (LCA) and water footprint calculations for the case studies to get information about the environmental impacts of iMERMAID solutions. This will pinpoint the environmental hotspots in the value chains and enable the other partners to improve the solutions even further to minimize the environmental impacts. We also aim to compare the solutions to traditional alternatives to show the benefits that can be achieved with iMERMAID.