Can you tell us your role in the project and how your expertise contributes to the project’s mission?

Eden Tech is a technology developer/provider within iMERMAID. We are developing an innovative photocatalytic-driven microfluidic system designed to effectively degrade contaminants of emerging concerns (CoECs) found in wastewater. What sets our system apart is its unique ability to process substantial volumes of water, contrary to the typical association of microfluidics with low fluid volumes.

Pioneering the use of high-throughput microfluidics for environmental applications, Eden Tech has successfully applied this technology to address various challenges like the removal of microplastics and the generation of green hydrogen. The microfluidic system being developed within iMERMAID has a biomimetic design, featuring CD-sized stackable discs. Each CD incorporates intricately engraved microfluidic networks interconnected in parallel, enabling the treatment of several cubic meters of water per day, depending on the number of CDs stacked.

Operating at low pressures, the system boasts high efficiency. This efficiency is a result of microscale process intensification, driven by a high surface-to-volume ratio, enhancing the degradation of micropollutants. Notably, our system is marked by its innovation and environmental benefits. Engineered to minimize pressure loss, it translates into substantial energy savings. Furthermore, it aligns with the European Commission’s Zero Pollution Action Plan and European Green Deal, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach in addressing CoEC challenges.

What do you think are the main benefits that the project brings forward, and in which areas do you envision the project having its biggest impact?

iMERMAID is driving the advancement of innovative technologies and concepts to address the challenges of CoECs. These technologies are meticulously designed to align with the pressing needs and requirements of the environment, ensuring that their implementation avoids any regrettable consequences. In addition to technological innovation, the project also places a strong emphasis on public awareness and education regarding CoECs. By disseminating knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of environmental challenges among the public, iMERMAID seeks to create a collective consciousness geared towards sustainable practices. Furthermore, the project is committed to identifying and promoting environmentally benign alternatives to mitigate the impact of CoECs. Collectively, these multifaceted efforts position iMERMAID as a pivotal force in the forefront of the fight against CoECs, demonstrating a comprehensive approach.

If you had to describe the iMERMAID project in one word, what would that be?

iMERMAID can be described as “multidisciplinary” due to its comprehensive approach in combating CoECs.


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