Our iMERMAID project is thrilled to announce the victory of H2O-People in the Science Communication Innovation Challenge. Their ingenious idea combines a social media campaign with a school project, tailored specifically for the Mediterranean region.

The primary goal is to raise awareness among the local population about the alarming levels of toxic chemical pollution in the sea. By doing so, they aim to catalyze a long-term reduction in the use of these harmful chemicals.

Water pollution stemming from human activities stands as one of the paramount global concerns today. The Aquatic Pollutants Innovation Challenge on Science Communication, held last year, provided a platform for individuals and organizations to propose innovative strategies for bridging the gap between scientific research and targeted stakeholders, particularly focusing on aquatic pollutants.

H2O-People clinched victory as the winning team, dedicated to fostering growth and crafting tailored strategies for EU projects. Their winning idea for iMERMAID involves a dual approach: a robust social media campaign paired with a local school project. The campaign targets Mediterranean residents, educating them on Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) and their impact on marine pollution. By emphasizing individual actions, they highlight the potential for positive ecosystem impact through reduced chemical usage.

The accompanying school project aims to engage younger Europeans, fostering awareness and empowering them to contribute to a cleaner marine environment. The jury lauded this multi-generational approach for its potential to drive community engagement. As winners, H2O-People receives a €500 cash prize and travel expenses for two attendees to the SETAC Europe 2024 conference, themed “Science-Based Solutions in Times of Crisis: Integrating Science and Policy for Environmental Challenges.”