The iMERMAID 3rd Consortium Meeting was held on May 22-23, 2024 in in Espoo, Finland, at VTT’s scenic venue, marking a significant milestone for the project. With the project well underway, the meeting aims to share the latest updates and developments while providing a platform for partners to discuss foundational work on use case solutions.

The first day featured presentations from all partners and a networking dinner that set the tone for fruitful discussions. As the meeting progressed, partners were diving deep into the status of their activities and planning the next steps. The conversation focused on use case scenarios to combat chemical pollution, tracing its journey from the source to the endpoint.

Workshops and networking sessions are designed to strengthen collaboration among the diverse consortium members. By pooling their unique expertise and resources, significant strides are being made towards achieving the project’s objectives.

The dedication and cooperation of all partners are crucial as they work together to address chemical contamination and protect the Mediterranean Sea’s fragile ecosystem. The consortium’s efforts are a testament to the power of collaborative action in tackling environmental challenges. Huge thanks to the VTT team for their gracious hosting and to all our partners for their outstanding dedication.